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Create awe-inspiring spaces

No matter the size of your project, I strive to combine beauty and function, creating spaces that can be both stylish and comfortable. Your home should be a reflection of you, so my commitment is to help you define the design aesthetic you love and bring it to life within the walls of your home.  Transforming a space requires a strategic plan and partners, so having access to industry experts, skilled craftspeople and exclusive products will enhance your design experience and bring unique touches to your home. The design questionnaire is one of many resources I will use to help me understand your personal style, needs, desires and budget.  I look forward to discussing your project and helping make your design dreams come true!

I’m a big believer in offering options so people can choose what’s best for them.  This is your home and the project should be about you and your design goals.  I can help you define those goals based on your budget and lifestyle, which will help you become a more confident decision maker.  There are many homeowners who want to be part of the design process, but just need someone to guide them and offer professional recommendations.  Each client is as unique as their project, so I’ve created flat-fee design packages with clearly defined services and set timelines so you can decide which one is the best fit to accomplish your goals.  My desire is to provide transparent pricing, an easy-to-understand process and a platform where we can work collaboratively on your project.

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