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Home is where you hang your heart


Welcome to Heart N Homes


Heart N Homes offers a unique blend of real estate and design services all under one roof.  This winning combination creates great value for our clients, whether they’re embarking on a real estate journey and have design needs along the way, or they’re happy in their home but making design decisions that will influence the value of their home.  Being able to contribute real estate knowledge and design expertise throughout the process allows us to present a full-service approach to our clients.

Who you take on your journey matters.  Learn how Noelle can take care of you and your home needs from start to finish!

The Heart N Homes Experience


Noelle is committed to always providing her clients with exceptional service from the heart.  This means being a constant professional but also not forgetting the personal “heartfelt” elements which can often make the difference between a good and GREAT experience for people.

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Find your home sweet home


Get the greatest value for your home


Comparative Market Analysis


Create awe-inspiring spaces


Experience personal concierge service

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Hear what they're saying about us

“Noelle was very helpful in our search for our new house. She is very knowledgeable about house construction and spots things about houses that only experienced people can. I’ve worked with other realtors before and Noelle is definitely better than all of them. She really cares about her clients and explains all the details very patiently. She looked into every single detail of the offer and guided us through the process. I recommend her to everyone looking to buy or sell. Our experience was really smooth. We never felt stressed or worried anytime during the process. With all the explanations that Noelle provided, in fact we really enjoyed the process! We learned a lot from her and we are now living in a house that we really love and glad to have had Noelle helping us to find and purchase it.”

Aryan & Maryam N.

NW Portland

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